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Surviving High School If you like Good Girls by Laura Ruby CRRL Staff, Growing up — fiction, Teen Book Match, Crushingly Romantic, Reading Room Blog, unRequired Reading Blog, Gutsy Girl Reads, Something Funny, Surviving High School.

Available for adults, teens, and kids. Tangerine by Edward Bloor Paul Fisher sees the world from behind glasses so thick he looks like a bug-eyed alien. But he’s not so blind that he can’t see there are some very unusual things about his family’s new home in Tangerine County, Florida. Where else does a sinkhole swallow the local school, fire burn underground for years, and lightning strike at the same time every day? The chaos is compounded by constant harassment from his football-star brother, and adjusting to life in Tangerine isn’t easy for Paul—until he joins the soccer team at his middle school.

With the help of his new teammates, Paul begins to discover what lies beneath the surface of his strange new hometown. And he also gains the courage to face up to some secrets his family has been keeping from him for far too long. In Tangerine, it seems, anything is possible. Blow Out by M. Higgins Lacy Sheridan is doing her best to get over the fear she still feels after a knee injury from last season, but tough Raven McAlister is competing for Lacy’s starting position and sees a chance to exploit Lacy’s fear for her own benefit.

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Edit These are Raven’s storylines if John chooses to date her. Raven is one of the original main characters and she first appears when she stands up for new guy John who is being beaten up by school quarterback Adam. Raven later invites John to a goth concert which John attends. John and Raven then start dating, however when it spreads around school that John spent the night with Raven, Raven breaks up with John as she is afraid of being hurt by a jock.

Raven’s best friend, Dinah , notices that Raven is depressed without John and tries to convince John to get back together with Raven. John then attends the vampire ball and he gets back together with Raven.

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Wes was one of the more notable character additions to the game’s reboot in September and has been moved to Surviving High School s sister game High School Story along with love interest Autumn as of The Conned Artist, Part 1. Wes then discovered that Owen put a guy in a wheelchair during a game of football due to the pressure from his dad. Nate later hires Wes to discover more about Zoe’s boyfriend Howard DeGeest so that they will split up. Wes then discovered that Howard has returned from Kingston University to be with Zoe and not because he is on winter break.

Wes later met one of the school hipsters, Autumn who he befriends and grows feelings for.

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Gameplay[ edit ] High School Story is a choice-based simulation game. The player is a student attempting to build their own high school, with no given name. The player receives coins and rings from finishing quests, though they can also purchase coins and rings with real money in the Store. Coins can also be collected from Hangouts, as each student produces a certain amount of coins per hour depending on their type and level. In the beginning of the game, the player is able to choose their gender and type, though they are only able to choose from three particular cliques: Nerd, Prep, or Jock.

There are various types in High School Story which range from basic types such as a Jock, Nerd or Prep to “combined” classmates like Cheerleader, Gamer or Student Government, and the player can gain other students through two different methods: They can either buy students from Admissions using Coins or Rings, or they can try “Partying” to get the type of student they want. Partying is a game mechanic which allows players to gain special classmates without having to pay directly for them in Admissions.

All parties take place in Party Central, which can be found in the Buildings tab for coins and is unlocked after a certain quest is completed. You may only have one Party Central and therefore can only send two classmates to party at a time. After a basic tutorial on the game, Autumn confides in the MC that she is miserable at a future rival school called Hearst High and wishes to attend the MC’s school. They immediately receive a text from the main enemy, Max Warren, son of the principal of Hearst or Kara Sinclair, head cheerleader , depending on the gender of the MC and are threatened stating that unless their school contains fifteen students, it will be closed down.

After an introduction to Autumn’s friend, Julian, the two characters try to convince him to transfer to the MC’s school from Hearst due to him not being able to play because his coach benches him for Max.

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