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Jun 17, ABC Family via Getty While the main foursome of Pretty Little Liars has remained constant throughout the show’s run with the addition of Mona and Alison as needed , minor characters come and go like patrons of the Brew. One day they’re in the A team, the next they’re shipped out of Rosewood. While some people have disappeared for good reason — Emily’s ex-girlfriend Paige moved to California; Alison’s mom got murdered — others fade away with zero explanation. Whither that cute boy from the country club that Spencer liked in season one? What happened to Aria’s childhood friend Holden? And where the hell is Jenna? Parents of the Liars have been excluded from this list because unless they have been confirmed dead you can assume they are absent any given week due to “a conference in Albany. Alex Santiago, last seen season one, episode

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Now the episodes are gearing towards that and next week will see an engagement. The big question is who it will be. All Liars are now with someone and the potential for moving to the next episode is big. Let’s take a look at the four couples to try to work out who will get engaged next week. Aria and Ezra This is a problem couple right now.

Aria is hiding a dark secret that could put Ezra in jail.

Pretty Little Liars is an American mystery teen drama television series created by Marlene King. Based on the popular series of novels written by Sara Shepard, the show premiered on .

Cold Opening Creator Cameo: Seth is made even creepier because it was implied he has some form of psychic ability. The dolls that A sends to the girls, and the dolls in the doll shop especially the one resembling Alison near the end of If These Dolls Could Talk. The main characters and many of the recurring charcters have skeletons in their closet. All four main girls are played by actresses who are between the ages of 20 and Maya is the most Egregious example as the character is 16 but the actress, Bianca Lawson, is Bianca Lawson also appeared on Dawson’s Creek in playing a 16 year old at age 20 making her an original Dawson Casting actress.

Averted with Alison, who is played by year-old Sasha Pieterse. Tammin Sursok, who plays blind high school student Jenna, is

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Everyone was so sassy last night! A reminder of where we left off after that bizarro and disappointing Halloween special: So who made it to the top of the Pretty Little Power Rankings in this plot-packed winter premiere? Her eyeliner is top-notch.

Ezria Day 1. In the “Pilot,” Ezra meets Aria at a two start talking about college, traveling, writing and music, hitting it off right mentions that he begins his first teaching job soon. Aria lets Ezra believe she is a college student thinking of majoring in English.

The texts don’t start until Aria comes back from her time abroad in Iceland. On more than one occasion, the girls have labelled Aria as “the best liar. Marlene King tweeted this. Many think she’s referring to this scene where Mona calls Aria “Big A. Like Aria’s name, and the fact that she’s the one saying, “Sh,” in the intro. Remember when Mona says, “Miss Aria, you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife”? Even though the girls figure out it’s an acronym, where the first letters of the sentence spell, “MAYA KNEW,” the original sentence itself is an interesting choice.

The dollhouse scheme makes it hard for ANY of the girls to be “A,” it’s true. Aria is obviously emotionally scarred by the incident, a lot of the time while she’s by herself.

CeCe Drake Is A on Pretty Little Liars: Who Is PLL Charles

As many expected, the episodes did not disappoint and now TV fanatics have something to be excited about every week. You know what else viewers have to look forward to with Scream Queens? Those who dedicated their lives to PLL and the mystery of A myself included , you’re probably picking up what I’m throwing down.

the main character in pretty little liars are alison the dead one emily-the gay one hannah-the blonde one spencer-the smart one and ariyah- the one whos dating the teacher The main characters.

However, viewers got to see their escape attempt from a different perspective — a mysterious girl. However, this girl knew better than to try to run away from Charles. He locks the Liars outside for days without any form of shelter, food or water. Things look grim, but the girls finally catch a break when the doors to the dollhouse open again. He knocks the girls unconscious with gas, but takes Mona away. Tanner Roma Maffia found the video footage of Mona alive and well, the police were forced to drop the murder charges.

None other than Andrew Brandon Jones. Tanner that she wants to be used as bait to lure Andrew to her home. It looks as if Charles wanted them to appear dead — but for who? Forced to return to their rooms, the girls endure some sort of torture.

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Paige McCullers Is A. Avid Pretty Little Liars fans know that watching the past seven seasons, and now season 7B, has been like being in a relationship. There have been plenty of emotional roller coasters along the way, and just when you think it’s over, it keeps you coming back for more. When the Liars got a text from A during the season six finale, it was signed with a new name, A. There are plenty of theories on what those initials stand for, but what’s even more important is who those initials are attached to — and we have an idea.

Cast of Pretty Little Liars Dating Troian Bellisario (Spencer) Born 10/28/ Troian began dating Suits actor Patrick J. Adams. The two met when she made a guest appearance on Suits and he has worked with her on Pretty Little Liars.

Mar 25, at 3: Watch the reveal in the below video: The episode starts out with Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily in jail uniforms being transported to another location away from Alison. The police want to split them all up. Hannah tells them all what to expect in prison and how lonely it is, but Spencer is determined to stay headstrong.

The four girls all pledge their love for each other and suddenly, the vehicle crashes, they hear noises and the van door is opened to reveal a person dressed in black who fires smoke into the van and abducts the girls. The police do not want this news to hit the public. Hannah is the second to wake up in a bedroom that looks like her own. The same goes for Emily and Aria. They follow a dark hallway down to a room where they find a girl in a mask playing the piano.

Mona insists on calling herself Alison and follows the rules of the dollhouse, but when the others want her to try to escape with them, an alarm goes off. Each girls runs to their own rooms and the doors shut. Meanwhile, Ezra and Caleb are trying to find a way to save their girls. In the next scene, A is shown watching all the girls on video from a control panel of televisions.

Pretty Little Liars “A Is for Answers” Review: But No Answers on A

Here’s a recap of everything you need to know about him. Holden Strauss , one of Aria’s childhood friends, turned up when the bride-to-be was checking out a wedding venue. While Aria was pleasantly surprised to see Holden, we can understand if some of you may have been struggling to remember exactly who he was — we last saw him in Season 3 after all! So to help you out, we’ve put together this handy reminder of what we know about Holden so far.

Read on, then you can get on with theorizing what exactly his return means! We first met Holden way back in Season 2!

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Apparently, she had a “no boy zone” around her, and he didn’t want to approach her himself. Aria accepts the date, even though she is distracted by her home situation and Ezra being missing, because Hanna reminds Aria how she used to have a crush on Noel. They have an awkward date, but eventually warm up to each other. During the date, he opens the door for Lucas. In a flashback, we see Alison teasin Aria about her long-standing crush on Noel. Noel is seen hanging out with his sunbathing girlfriend, Prudence.

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