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Page always under re-structuring The aim of this page is to hopefully help you to identify the manufacturer, and even possibly the ‘build year’ of your C-Melody. So, the table on the right will have links to a pages showing a selection of C-Melody saxes, some I’ve owned, some I still do, and with the mechanism and design features of each manufacturer – the pictures are quite good resolution, and unprotected, so can be copied and pasted into a suitable graphics package for better viewing, e. Please feel free to do this, but if you re-use the pictures in any other context, please ask me first, and I’d also appreciate a mention of this site. Rather than put ‘return’ links on each page, I’ve either opened some in a new window, or others require the use of your browser ‘back arrow’ to get back to this page. It will take a while to find examples showing all the differences, and I hope to be able to make a ‘truth table’ as well, for quick checking and identification. And, some Stencil names appear on saxes from more than one manufacturer!

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If they are lucky, the previous owners may have some idea, but by the time they have worked out just when it was that Great Aunt Mabel buried her second husband, the odd ten or twenty years can easily get lost. We are rarely able to tell the age just from a name, and even if a date is available for the serial number, it is often unreliable, as explained at http: Although it is quite unusual to find dates of manufacture marked on pieces of antique furniture, pianos often do have this information hidden inside, and this is a situation where you may be able to tell us something useful, because you have the clues there in front of you.

It would be nice to see the original receipts, because we learn a great deal from our collection of these, but many have been lost. In the past, some dealers have been coy about revealing the true age of a reconditioned piano, and went to extraordinary lengths to paint over or deface date-marks.

Eugen Doga ([e.uˈd͡ʒen ˈdoɡa]; born 1 March ) is a Moldovan composer.. He writes music in all kinds of genres and styles, which makes him one of the most prolific and versatile composers. He has his own easily recognizable style.

The BBBb was supposedly the lowest pitched wind instrument ever, going down nearly an octave below the piano keyboard. One or the other of them was supposedly lying around the Paris factory as late as the s, but no sign of them has been seen or heard since. There was I believe only one Octocontrabass built, and three Octocontraltos. They were all in the private collection of Leon Leblanc, but again, I believe, but don’t quote me the Octobass and one of the Octoaltos now reside with Terje Lerstad.

The Octocontrabass sounded an octave below the Contrabassoon, which made it indeed one octave lower than the lowest Bb on the piano. You’ll note that all of the horns in the photo were products of Leblanc Paris. Omitted from the photo were the “Bassett Clarinet” which did not exist in their line at that time , the A Bass Clarinet which only Selmer has made in modern times , but examples of which have existed since the ‘s.

The FB and articulated models, they went out of production in the 60s. Leblanc History The year marked one of the most significant milestones in the long history of Kenosha, Wisconsin-based Leblanc, Inc. On July 21, , contracts were signed for Leblanc to be acquired by Steinway Musical Instruments, forging a partnership of undisputed greatness within the music industry.

The transaction was completed on August 12, Leon Pascucci retained his key management role as president of Leblanc, Inc.

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You can look up a free piano serial number history search from this page see list of manufacturers, below. Piano serial numbers usually have five to seven digits, but may have fewer or more, depending on the manufacturer and age of your piano. Serial numbers may also include a letter as well. Serial number locations are found: After lifting up the lid, look along the top front area of the plate.

Hirsch-Pinkas Piano Duo, Evan Hirsch, Sally Pinkas, George Rochberg, — – Rochberg: Piano Music, Vol. 1 – Circles of Fire for Two Pianos – Music.

Age and manufacturer are obviously important factors to be considered in appraising an instrument. There is however, much more that needs to be considered to accurately determine the value of a specific piano. Personal inspection by a piano technician, knowledgeable dealer or appraiser is the only way to gage the value of a specific piano.

Prices for pianos vary greatly depending upon place, time, and situation. With this said, many piano owners and purchasers are looking for at least some general price information. We have compiled a list of the approximate selling prices of various ages, makes, and types of pianos. This list was compiled from research and adjusted for inflation. Listed is the average low and average high selling prices not asking prices in different areas for the pianos described here.

Descriptions are, of necessity, brief and vague, but all the pianos were said to be in sale-able condition, and, unless otherwise noted, were for sale by a private owner or dealer.

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Piano Finders What to call the keys, or -Which C is that one over there? The 1 would normally be written as a superscript slightly above the height of the C but, because some browsers will garble the text when we use the superscript, we have put superscripts in instead A problem often arises from the fact that on the piano keyboard there are several different C”s, D”s, A”s, etc.

What do you call the C two octaves below middle C? How about the A at the bottom of the keyboard? Over the many years since the invention of keyboard instruments, there have been several systems devised to specify which note is being referred to.

Journet, 43, Tottenham Court Rd. Housed for a number of years at the former Concertina Museum, Belper, Derbyshire, they are now part of the Wayne Archive at the Horniman Museum, London, where they are in the process of being digitised by Robert Gaskins; when that work is completed, they will be made available for research both on the web and on a CD-ROM which will be available from the Museum. The surviving twentieth-century ledgers, from on part of the Dickinson Archive , are already available in both formats; see http: Note added June The Red Books, with the numbers given to them by Neil Wayne and retained by the Horniman Museum , consist of the following: Sales Ledgers chronological according to date of sale, and listing names of purchasers: C —March , serial number , to 22nd December , serial number Serial Number Register in serial number order, listing names of purchasers; this volume, which seems not to have received a number from Neil Wayne, has been catalogued as C a by the Horniman Museum: C a—the lowest recorded Wheatstone serial number is 59, the highest, , with dates ranging from to ; there are, however, many missing entries, especially in the earliest period.

Wages Books cash books showing expenditures, both in wages and payments to suppliers: Ashgate, , 65 and n. Brown and Stephen S.

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We suggest that you look at our Organ Classifieds page or on-line auction sites to determine the value of your item. In addition, the Reed Organ Society website provides guidelines for determining the value of reed organs. Repairs At this time, the Estey Organ Museum does not repair reed, pipe, or electronic organs.

Many thanks, Charles Ron Reese jr Reply Hello do you know if the label on the back of the head that says Weymann Philadelphia was used in the earlier years or was the one that said keystone state used in the earlier years. The banjolin is for sale online. Was just curious if this sounds about right. Thanks Charles Robinson Reply Hi Ron, The gold labels were used as early as the late s and there are variations of the wording of those labels.

If you have a photo of the label, or can link me to to where the instrument is for sale I could probably help with the dating a bit more. The shape of the Gold decal label changed around My email address charles honucreative. I was gifted with a Weymann Mandolute a few days ago as a birthday present. Stamped 50 on the top of the headstock. According to your table, this would put it around I think Mandy needs some setup work, but generally this is in good shape for an centenarian, and features an inlay of Saturn on the third fret Charles Robinson Reply Hi Ken, yes that dating chart also applies to Mandolutes.

They were an innovation by Weymann about , they were very popular in their day and are still well regarded by many.

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First check the inner rim of the watch face also called the rehaut, which is french for “flange” between the dial and the crystal. If the watch was produced in or newer the serial should be engraved on the rehaut. On older Rolexes, this serial is located on the side of the watch case at the 6 o’clock position where the bracelet is attached.

The manufacturing facilities at East Rochester consist of over , sq. Aeolian was one of America’s largest producers of grand pianos. Factories were located at East Rochester N. Aeolian probably produced more instruments than any other company in the U. In William G. Heller and associates acquired the Sears interest and devoted the production to defense work during World War II. Faith in the industry and the conviction that the piano industry needed someone to keep the venerable manufacturers in operation, Aeolian has acquired companies which would not otherwise have survived.

During the work force included only excellent craftsmen under the direction of people who had been associated with these fine makes for many years, thus preserving unimpaired the Individual and distinctive quality of each piano. The affiliation of the various houses that formed this large and powerful contributing force to the art of music, insures for each a wider scope for musical activity in that each of its units was of the highest quality in its grade, which had an extraordinary economy of production.

This company’s purchasing power contributed immeasurably to the integrity and value of instruments that were made in the various Divisions. Aeolian Corporation, which in owned over 40 registered brand names, the product of merger and acquisitions over the years combining 16 domestic piano producers and the largest Canadian producer.

Recognition was given by the trade to the various Aeolian lines is the best evidence that Aeolian Corporation pianos manufactured in Memphis and East Rochester, fulfilled every requirement in grands, studios, spinets, consoles and players in a variety of scales and finishes, as well as case designs. Aeolian produced not only the concert and beginners piano, but also for the artist and leisure time musician.

Although production ceased in and there are countless thousands of Aeolian -American pianos still in use throughout America, in private homes, schools, churches and rental fleets.

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Install Serial Numbers Register Have you bought yourself a new TV, camera, phone, dishwasher, computer, tablet, sound system, printer, clock-radio, microwave, whatever? Then it’s worth keeping track of the serial number! Do it easily with this app. Serial Numbers are important:

History[ edit ] Tokai began in , as a harmonica and piano manufacturer. It developed its first melodica , the Pianica, in Tokai began making banjos and harpsichords in and the electric piano in Guitars[ edit ] Tokai started making classical guitars in This was followed in with the Humming Bird Custom acoustic guitar not to be confused with the Hummingbird guitar model produced by Gibson.

From to , Tokai produced the Conn line of acoustic guitars under contract with C. In , Tokai entered into a joint-venture with C. In , it launched its own Cat’s Eyes line of acoustic guitars, which were replicas of C. Between and , Tokai began making various Fender and Gibson replica electric guitars and basses. These models are generically known as “lawsuit guitars”.

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