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The term “eritrea” derives from Sinus Erythraeus, the name Greek tradesmen of the third century B. Since the creation of Eritrea was so closely linked to Ethiopia, Eritrea’s identity developed in struggles against its ancient and larger neighbor to the south. Many of the nine ethnic groups within Eritrea are also found in Ethiopia, and the dominant Christian Orthodox highland culture of Ethiopia also stretches into the Eritrean highland plateau. Historically, there has been a division in Eritrea between the Christian highlands, which are culturally and linguistically homogenous, and the predominantly Muslim lowlands, which are culturally and linguistically heterogeneous. Eritrea’s long war of liberation, however, managed to bridge some of the traditional differences between the highland and lowland populations. Located in northeastern Africa, Eritrea has about miles 1, kilometers of coastline along the west coast of the Red Sea. To the north and northwest, the country borders the Sudan, to the south, Ethiopia, and to the southwest, Djibouti. Eritrean territory covers about 48, square miles , square kilometers and contains a wide variety of rugged landscapes: The topographical variety has affected the social organization and mode of production of the country’s nine ethnic groups. In the highland plateau, people live in small villages conducting subsistence plow-agriculture.

Customs and Traditions of the Bilen Ethinic Group

Mutual respect and tolerance are deeply rooted in the Eritrean society which in turn serves as pillar for the present firm unity and nationalism — an asset rarely found in other countries. All these noble values of mutual respect and harmony symbolize the cherished slogan of unity in diversity. Despite the prevailing unity among all ethnic groups, each nationality is endowed with its own rich culture and tradition that distinguish the country as a multicultural nation. The spectacular pattern of living, customs, dressing style and other ritual ceremonies of each ethnic group are also some of the decisive factors for tourism attraction.

In this first article of a continuing series about Eritrean cultures and customs, we will try to explore the rich culture of the Bilen ethnic group. Members of the Bilen ethnic group are commonly found in the Anseba region, particularly south-central part of the country, in and around Keren town and south toward Asmara.

Eritrea and Ethiopia have signed a Joint Declaration of Peace and Friendship today. The Agreement, which specifies five pillars, was signed this morning at Stat e House by President Isaias Afwerki and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Saturday, August 2, Wedding Tradition in Eritrea Eritrea is located in the Horn of Africa region in the north-east of the continent of Africa, bordering Eritrea to the north and west the Republic of South Sudan and Ethiopia and Djibouti to the southeast. Marriage ceremony in villages pass two stages, courtship phase; which may last a year or two by the ability of the groom material, and then the wedding; which often last for a week.

Usually in marriage ceremonies, the groom wearing clothes consist of a white circular hat and a long white robe; and brown or blue jacket, and there is a long white shawl wrapping around his shoulders and waist in a certain way, the bride’s clothes are a traditional long white or black dress depending on the taste of the bride, she cover her head with scarf of the color of the dress, and wrapping around her waist long white sheet, full of bridal accessories and costume jewelry. Despite most of the people leaving customs and traditions; in everything not only in marriage ceremonies, because of urbanization, especially residents of large cities, but it is noticeable that some of people return for such traditions in public events such as holidays or special events such as weddings, to show they belong to a tribe or area or a certain class of people to signify their pride and their glory for this distinction.

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Embassy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The competition is implemented by the U. Embassy in collaboration with partners iCog Labs and Humanity plus. The soul intention of building these institutions was to provide and promote the best education to the black community.

Eritrea (/ ˌ ɛr ɪ ˈ t r eɪ. ə, -ˈ t r iː ə /; (listen)),, officially the State of Eritrea is a country in the Horn of Africa, with its capital at Asmara. It is bordered by Sudan .

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Friday, 30 October The two families strengthen their ties, starting from the betrothal period, by exchanging gifts and helping each other. These family ties go a long way to include many of the next kin. This is one of the reasons why the marriage bond is far stronger than any other sort of relationship. Among the Tigre, marriage can be contracted for the following reasons:

Sammy Afro, lived in Eritrea () Answered Jun 29, · Author has answers and k answer views Believe it or not, it is a personal thing of you.

Health Service Eritrean Culture Eritreans are culture-bound people with a deep sense of pride of their identity. During the armed struggle for liberation Eritrean cultural values played an important role in strengthening the commitment towards national unity and freedom. Eritrea celebrates this rich heritage at all major celebrations and festivals, with performances and exhibitions that showcase the unique contribution of each group.

The National Holidays Coordinating Committee in all six regions in the country as well as in the Diaspora plans and organizes celebrations, commemorations and festivals. Regional and national festivals, youth fairs, and cultural competitions are held throughout the country, organized by the local administrations and other organizations. The Eritrean media play a major role in promoting them, with extensive coverage on radio, TV, and newspapers.

The annual Eritrea Festival is held in Asmara every summer, attracting nearly , people and is the cultural event of the year. The festival features songs, dances and dramatic performances from all nine nationalities and much more in a continuous exposition that runs for ten days. Among the featured events and exhibits are models of traditional homes, arts and crafts shows, traditional food and refreshments, rites and ceremonies, special exhibitions of artistic and scientific merit, and highly competitive contests.

The Raimoc awards, whose name is derived from the Hidarb word for the beauty and grace of the long neck of an antelope, are represented to the individual and groups in Eritrea who most excel at literature, music, painting, drama, traditional folklore and other categories. The annual prizes total as much as , Nakfa, and the competitions are fierce, from regional competitions that narrow the field to the finals held in Asmara in august Some Important Features Of Eritrean Culture The coffee ceremony: Strong, aromatic coffee is often drunk in Eritrea in an elaborate ritual that brings families and their guests together in an hour-long ceremony at the close of a long work day.

It is usually served in thimble-size, handle-less cups and accompanied by trays of fresh popcorn and raisins, Hmbahsa bread and other local specialties. Typically, the woman of the household scatters strands of fresh grass on the floor to provide the freshness of the outdoors, as she roasts green coffee beans over a charcoal fire, shaking them frequently to prevent burning.

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Call toll-free within the United States and Canada, or from other countries from, 8: Follow the Department of State on Twitter and Facebook. Embassy in Asmara on Facebook.

Ethiopian dating customs Indranil sen, the existence of ethnic people who understands her arms about ethiopia and citizen charters, open a civilisation dating customs and wild exotic hair. Ethiopian women and marriage customs in its traditions dating back over years.

The national flag is a tricolor of green, yellow, and red horizontal stripes with a blue disk and a yellow outlined star and rays in the center. Traditional “Ityopia, Ityopia” is in use at the present time. A new anthem will be designated in the near future. The birr b is a paper currency of cents. There are coins of 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 cents, and notes of 1, 5, 10, 50, and birr. The metric system is used, but some local weights and measures also are employed.

Holidays generally follow the Old Style Coptic Church calendar. Comparatively, the area occupied by Ethiopia is slightly less than twice the size of the state of Texas.

Marriage and Family Among the Tigre Ethnic Group

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Whenever one thinks about Eritrea, the immediate thing that comes to one’s mind is the existing strong harmony and coexistence among the nine ethnic groups of the country.

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Oct 07,  · Eritrean girl dating a white man? Hey, I’m an Eritrean girl. My parents died and before they died they told me that I should be happy whatever I do. I have been adopted by my parents friends, who are italian. they are very laid-back in who i date and eventually : Resolved.

Travel and History 5 Creepy Ethiopian Cultural Practices Ethiopia is made up of a number of ethnic groups defined by the differences in their cultural practices. These differences are however quite small and are even unnoticeable if you are not keen enough. Though the cultural practices are not as extreme as it may be in some other African communities, there are some parts of the Ethiopian culture that are quite bizarre and outright creepy. Archeologists have found the oldest known human ancestors in Ethiopia, including Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba c.

The current nation is a consolidation of smaller kingdoms that owed feudal allegiance to the Ethiopian emperor. Wondering how creepy they can be? The Cultural Wedding Night. The formal introductions, paying of the bride price followed by music and dance with feasting. However, the creepy part kicks in during the wedding night when the groom deflowers his bride. Virginity, unlike in most other African or western cultures is highly valued.

Actually, you have to be a virgin otherwise there are serious consequences for it.


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Thus, you can imagine our joy when we received the call from Milena and Sennay to shoot their Eritrean wedding in Montreal. Eritrean weddings include two days of celebration. Her charming smile was all she needed to complete her classic look. The traditional Eritrean wedding ceremonies are done on the second day of the wedding celebration; this is known as the Melsi. Prior to this, we had not met anyone from this African country before.

We learned from the couple and their family that Eritrean wedding traditions are very similar to those of Ethiopia. One wedding guest described that Eritrean culture and weddings are about community-building; for six months leading up the wedding, both families will get together to cook, prepare, and make traditional drinks including sewa a beer like alcohol and mes a fermented honey drink. And of course, these six months are also full of singing and dancing.

Milena spent the day getting adorned in henna and gold and having her hair braided. Dressed in traditional marriage garb, Milena and Sennay looked like royalty when they entered the Melsi. Immediately they were pulled into the dance floor to celebrate their wedding by dancing with all their guests.


Eastern Africa, west of Somalia Capital: English is the most widely spoken foreign language and is the medium of instruction in secondary schools and universities. Amharic was the language of primary school instruction, but has been replaced in many areas by local languages such as Oromifa and Tigrinya.

After the fall of the Derg regime in , the new constitution of the Federal Demeocratic Republic of Ethiopia granted all ethnic groups the right to develop their languages and to establish mother tongue primary education systems. This is a marked change to the language policies of previous governments in Ethiopia. Society and Culture The People Ethiopia is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country.

Ethiopia is made up of a number of ethnic groups defined by the differences in their cultural practices. These differences are however quite small and are even unnoticeable if you are not keen enough. Though the cultural practices are not as extreme as it may be in some other African communities.

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